Fairview Wine club presents

Taste of Tzaneen fest

Come and experience a true blend of the finer tastes of life on the 20th and 21st of November 2015 at Fairview Hotel, where our Chefs, Wine connoisseurs & hosts will treat all of our VIP Meander guests to an exquisite pairing of fine food, good wine and great company. On these two days, a few handpicked wine farms from the Cape will be at the Taste of Tzaneen with a well planned selection of different wines.

For only R210.00 per person, you will have the opportunity to taste over 20 of South Africa’s finest wines where we aspire to create a true wine farm experience closer to home. Each guest will receive a booklet to mark and rate each wine to their palette. These wines will be available for purchase after the meander where you can either take the wine home or enjoy your favourite bottle with friends at one of our sociable areas during the festivities. On arrival each VIP guest will receive a goodie bag and map to start your meander with. There will be 5 main tasting stations along the Wine Meander.
Our first Tasting Station will host vivacious bubbly(Sparkling wine) to start the occasion with. The next stop is a fun selection of light rose wines that will be presented. So, let us be fruitful. Meandering along to your 3rd and 4th stops are a medley of light and dark – The ultimate decision between white and red whichever you prefer. At the heart of the Meander you will find yourself in the WINE ZONE. So whether you are team red or white, in the end taste buds will unite! Finishing off the road you will experience a conclusion of sweet serenity to be indulged with a classical selection of dessert wines.

Meander Via the Tzaneen vine. Taste of Tzaneen Fest – Where good taste shows

The Taste of Tzaneen fest is what our weekly wine tastings build up to every year, we host smaller and more intimate wine tastings every Friday from 12:00AM in the Baobab Cellar where clients can pre-order plougmans platters and buy preserves, sauces and other delicacies. 
For more info feel free to contact any one of our organisers.

Eldon : 082 838 2941
Claudia :083 309 6901