The Goose Wines

The Goose wine range is truly unique as it is handcrafted in high altitude vineyards on the northern slopes of the Outeniqua Mountains, in the heart of the famous Garden Route. These unique world class wines are vineyard specific. The Upper-Langkloof wine ward boasts low annual temperatures of around 17 degrees Celsius, creating elegant styled wines with a classic finish. 

These cool climate wines are exceptional examples of the grape varietals. The very cool and fresh terroir allows for late season ripening, red varietals are harvested as late as early May every year. Characteristically, these are complex and sophisticated wines which are appreciated by wine connoisseurs. A limited number of bottles are produced per vintage. Discerning European wine lovers have accepted this new world wine as measurable to old world classics. 

The Goose wines - gold from the heights of the Garden Route.