Hope Through Education

What can be more encouraging and inspiring than to see the impact and transformation which was made by a few dedicated individuals, who had a heart for the underprivileged, poor and abused, with almost no opportunities and hope, who transformed  and build a life for them where they can be taught skills, get an education and who created the most important facet for them, namely HOPE for their futures.

The Tshega Christian Mission was established in 2004 with the desire to educate and empower the disadvantaged and vulnerable communities that are affected by unemployment and undesirable living circumstances.

This dynamic institution strives to be a moral and positive example in social services, providing a holistic, well balanced service to all their beneficiaries in preparation for their effective functioning in a multi-cultural society.

Tshega Christian Mission is a non-profit organisation situated in the Limpopo province of South Africa, 450km North East of Johannesburg offering a humanitarian program focusing on serving individuals from infancy to later adulthood. 

Tshega uses an outreach programme and an educational programme to achieve these goals. 

Through their outreach projects up to 150 young people (ages 2-18) are visited four times a week. Vulnerable families in the villages are also visited and supported in their basic needs.

The organization supports the people and focus in the following holistic way :

- Mentally through education
- Emotionally through counselling and family visits
- Socially through extra mural activities (sports, concerts, missionary outreaches)
- Physically through providing basic needs (like food and clothes)
- Spiritually through a Christian educational and supporting system

The founder, Ellanie van Rooyen, was already teaching in the school when the doors were about to close. She registered Tshega Christian Mission which now serves the community of Bolebedu South in a holistic manner, reaching the villages through education and outreaches.
The Lighthouse Academy was founded in 2009 and is now a fully functioning independent primary school and just one of the programs that run from the base of the organisation. Every 10th child is a sponsored child and so they are able to reach more vulnerable children to help improve education in this country.
Other programs include the Kindergarten, Lamb’s Haven as well as Basadi, Women’s skills project that help to empower vulnerable women in the villages by giving them valuable skills, self-worth and a way to provide for their families.
The Tshega  Christian Mission does not stop at educating children and women but serves also the physical needs and spiritual needs of the community. According to Ellanie she and her team are committed to see ongoing transformation in the lives of everyone who is involved with the Tshega Christian Mission.
If you wish to contact the Tshega Christian Mission for any support, assistance, information, or if you are interested to volunteer with this worthwhile cause, please e-mail volunteer@tshega.org or Ellanie at 082 567 2008.