Dramatics Drama Academy

Dramatics Drama Academy aims to develop the whole child by encouraging creative thought and ideas providing opportunities for the expression of those ideas through the medium of drama. By working in groups, children learn to respect one another, to interrelate positively and to communicate effectively.

Classes take place once a week where children of all ages explore the different facets of drama including:

• Voice production, mime, movement, improvisation, characterization, play building and acting technique.

• A public production is held annually where children are given the opportunity of performing for an audience, thus sharing their ideas and creative processes while growing in confidence.

• Eisteddfod and exams can also be entered on a solo basis for further extension, providing a more formal assessment structure.

Drama can be of a benefit to all children and assist them in reaching their full potential.

About Lize

Lize Malan has a B.tech Drama degree and has been teaching Drama for 8 years at various schools. Lize is currently teaching Drama at Laerskool Tzaneen, Unicorn preparatory school, Duiwelskloof Laerskool and Oppie Plasie Kinderakademie.

Lize has a passion for teaching drama to young people, she also loves acting on stage when given the chance!