Renier Oosthuisen & Pieter de Beer

Pieter de Beer

I have been interested in art since childhood.

This interest has taken me on a long journey through various art forms such as floristry, silk painting, leatherwork, photography, bookbinding and stained glass… to name a few...

After ten years as, floral designer for Emperors Palace the decision was made to start painting full time and as a side line do photography

I have done various commissions with the main focus on birds and animals.

Presently a number of paintings and pictures are on display in the smallest gallery in Africa next to the bookshop in Haenertsburg. Some pictures are printed on canvass and a series depict the images of a Bushman hunter. I am also now permanently residing in Haenertsburg and hope to portray this beautiful area in paint as well as pictures.

For more information contact Pieter de Beer on 082 780 1838.

Renier Oosthuisen

I was born in the early 60’s with the love for art in all its forms.

My favorite pastime as a child used to be sketching and painting. My arty an inquisitive mind led me to create works from anything I could lay my hands on. After Art school I joined the S.A air force as a chef. During this time, I discovered my ability for composing music and playing the piano. The next 20 years of my life were spent in fashion designing and interior decorating. Thus, began my next journey which was steered towards creating beautiful artwork with form line and texture.

After deciding to settle in the tranquil village of Haenertsburg on the escarpment in Limpopo, where the beauty of nature also enhanced my passion for art, I decided to seriously consider my paint brushes.

Inspiration in abundance is drawn from the beautiful surroundings in which I am privileged to live.

My ability to capture the essence of Africa by painting ethnic pots with a modern edge helped me to establish my position in the Art world.

I have moved into a new dimension where I use color and form more expressively and freely – also moving from acrylic to oils. Expressionism is my current forte.

My aim is to create artwork that brings joy to whom so ever owns it.

For more information contact Renier Oosthuisen on 082 344 0058.