Kingsland Farming

Kingsland Farming was founded in 2015 by Jaco Rautenbach along with a very small investment and few people. Today it is a family business owing it success to sincere commitment, dedication and hard work as well as ensuring the ability to fully satisfy customers with high quality products & services. Each department is lead by a highly qualified team in order to ensure the best quality products and services are provided every time, also providing a competitive edge in the industry.

Jaco has been known for tree felling in the Tzaneen area for several years, but in 2015 the need for his services expanded so significantly that it resulted in the registration of Kingsland Farming as a company. The name Kingsland Farming, chosen by Jaco, came after asking God for His blessing over the company and making the promise that God will always be the King of the company and the land. Today Kingsland Farming is still growing dynamically every day and because of His blessing it is one of the most preferred and biggest tree felling companies in the Tzaneen and surrounding area!

Despite the competition, Kingsland Farming has a large customer base due to the unwillingness to compromise on quality and timely delivery. The quality service and pricing structure provided to customers are unbeatable.

As a company Kingsland Farming aspires to keep on working hard and growing to serve more customers in order to become a force to be reckoned with in the forestry industry.

For more information contact 082 219 6423 or email