Liana Art

Born in Wellington Cape Province and grew up in 'Transvaal".

Painting and drawing was always a hobby for Liana from primary school days, but she only started art classes in 2015 - 2017 to help her with the fine detail in painting and since then, she never stopped painting.

Althow Liana started painting with acrylics, her chosen medium now is oil colours.

Liana enjoy painting any subject or colourfull photo that catches her eye, but prefer landscapes. She also love dramatic use of colours in all her paintings.

Liana also attended workshops on a regular basis from Norbert Schling and Ina van Schalkwyk.

She has exibited in group exibitions and also solo exibitions in Pretoria and Tzaneen.

Her style is not unique as it is at most realistic impressionism.

For more information contact Juliana van Dyk on 082 452 7790 or email