Orange Tree Furniture

We are happy to present Orange Tree Furniture as one of our exibitors at this years Taste of Taneen Fest


This unique furniture is handmade from orange wood recovered from citrus orchards, on the banks of the Letaba River, in Limpopo South Africa.    

This exclusive range of furniture, branded under the name of Orange Tree Furniture, is created from redundant citrus trees that are cleared for the re-establishment of new orchards. Citrus trees bear fruit for 30 – 50 years before the trunks are recovered for furniture-making.The wood is an excellent hardwood and in its raw state, reflects the character of its fruit bearing phase. Historically, non productive citrus trees were uprooted and discarded, but now ORANGE TREE FURNITURE recycles this beautiful wood. This process makes the furniture a sustainable green  product.

The factory is located in Nkowankowa, on the outskirts of Tzaneen. Once the timber reaches the factory it is stack dried for 12 months before the cabinet making process starts. Each piece of this environmentally friendly furniture is uniquely identified with a crested serial number to reflect the history of the piece. This serial number is recorded in a register at the factory of origin.

A low carbon footprint

Environmentally friendly

A unique and world first product

A job creating project

Unique, Solid citrus wood

A sustainable ‘green’ Product

A truly South African product

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''All the choir of heaven and furniture of earth - in a word, all those bodies which compose the frame of the world - have not any subsistence without a mind.'' George Berkeley