Flamboyant, fabulous TANNIE POPPIE will be @ TASTE OF TZANEEN FEST 2015 to enrich your experience of this annual TZANEENINFO event @ FAIRVIEW HOTEL, 20/21 NOVEMBER!   She brings with her exquisite culinary skills not to be missed!  Ladies and Gentlemen, TANNIE POPPIE will have a decadent tea garden set up adjacent to the swimmingpool where you can look forward to experience her unique, exclusive delicacies!  My mouth is watering already!  Bakers are invited to get into practice for this memorable oppotunity to show off their baking skills!  You are challenged!  Awesome prizes to be won by participating in this "SHOW ME YOUR CAKE" competition!  TANNIE POPPIE will be your evaluator!  She is known for her fantastic cuisine all over South Africa and has published her recipies for you to enjoy!  So, get cooking and baking, folks!  TANNIE POPPIE will be waiting for you @ TASTE OF TZANEEN FEST - 2015!