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Do you often find yourself sick, depressed and lacking in energy? Are you bloated, gassy,
overweight or suffering from heartburn? Do you struggle with acne or is your skin prone to
being sensitive or dry?
If you want healthy digestion, easier weight loss, metabolic health, elevated energy levels,
clear skin and better sleep, pampering your gut flora should be at the top of your priorities
list. Your intestines are home to 500 million bacteria, some good and some bad. Recent
research suggests that the more good bacteria in your gut, the stronger your immune
system will be.
“Without enough healthy bacteria in our digestive tract, immunity and general health is
severely impaired.” Prof Tim Noakes, The Real Meal Revolution.
Bad bacteria prevent our bodies from absorbing essential vitamins and minerals and we
become depleted of nutrients - no matter how many supplements we take.
Luckily there is a very easy and cost effective way to get your health back on track, the
answer lies in probiotic foods. This is food that contains good bacteria, like fermented
vegetables and probiotic beverages. Examples of fermented foods are sauerkraut, milk kefir
yogurt, water kefir, kombucha and beet kvas. Probiotic foods are prepared through the ageold
food preparation technique of fermentation.
My Home Kitchen produces fermented vegetables and probiotic drinks prepared through
this technique. My Home Kitchen uses only the purest organic ingredients and no
preservatives or pasteurization is used.
It is time for you to take responsibility for your life and your health. We will
be there with you every step of the way.

Contact us today to help you get your health back.

Louisa Potgieter

Health benefits of sauerkraut:
· Is a probiotic food
· Is a good source of Vitamin C
· Has cancer fighting properties
· Is a traditional ulcer treatment
· Help restore a leaky gut

Health benefits of kombucha:
· Traditionally known as “elixir of life”
· Strengthens the immune system
· Is a detoxifier
· Contains vitamins and enzymes
· Boost your energy
· Improves your metabolism
· Helps relieve arthritis and joint pain

Health benefits of kefir:
· Kefir translates to “good feeling”
· Contains high level of vitamin B12, calcium,
magnesium, vitamin K2, biotin, folate, enzymes and probiotics
· Good for your microbiome
· Benefit the body in the following ways:
Boost immunity
Heal Inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome
Build bone density
Fight allergies and asthma
Improve lactose digestion in some cases
Kill candida
Support detoxification

Health benefits of fermented onions and garlic:
· Great source of flavonoids
· Great immune boosters
· Benefit the cardiovascular system
· High in polyphenols (antioxidants)
· Rich in sulphur
· Helps preventing the clotting and clumping of blood platelets
· Help cholesterol and triglyceride levels,
· Help strengthen the cell membranes of red blood cells