Entertainment Program

Wine Tasting Safari

The Wine Tasting Safari will surely be one of the highlights at this year’s annual Taste of Tzaneen Fest, which will be held at Fairview Hotel in Tzaneen, on 2/3 November.

Buy your ticket for R 100.00 online on the www.tasteoftzaneen.co.za webpage, or at the entrance on the day of the event.

Collect your tasting glass and arm band at the IINFO stall and start meandering through the lush grounds in between all the excitement of day.

Girls go Gatsby@Damestee / ladies tea - Taste of Tzaneen Fest 2017

Belinda (Bam) van den Bergh is die spreker by die Taste of Tzaneen Fest Damestee, Saterdag 4 November om 11:00 by Fairview Hotel. Heel gepas is haar tema: Smaak en sien dat die Here goed is! (Psalm 34:9)

Belinda is dikwels saam met haar man, Johan van den Bergh, betrokke by vroue-, manne-, tiener- en huwelikskampe. Sy was jare lank in die toerisme-bedryf en het 'n wildsplaas/lodge bestuur. Die Here het haar in dié tyd omgedop en vrygemaak van baie dinge – haarself inkluis, sê sy.

Gospel/reggae with singer/pastor Lawrence at TOTF 2017

Lawrence Ndlovu started singing at an early age. He had his first break in 1989 when he won a gospel music competition on Radio Tsonga (as MLFM was called in earlier days). He was inspired by Dr Thomas Chauke, Lucky Dube and Steve Kekana. He has recorded four albums: Heavan knows, Huwelela, I'll rise again and most recently Xilavi xa mina.

Afro Jazz rhythms at Taste of Tzaneen

Taste of Tzaneen at Fairview Hotel from 3-5 November is going to dish up a charming and delightful array of local flavours, not only in food and drink, but also in entertainment. Apart from cabaret, pop/rock, classical and gospel there is also a slot filled with Afro-pop and jazz – home-brewed.

If you want to experience this full band sound, make sure you hang around near the swimming pool area on Friday, 3 November between 15:00 and 17:00 – the lazy Friday afternoon time between lunch and sundowners.

Wat van die Steinway

Those who missed the drama/comedy featuring well-known local stand-up comedian, Mari Weber and co on 11 October at Merensky High School, can dry their tears: it will be repeated, on popular demand, at the Taste of Tzaneen Fest which will be held from 3-5 November at Fairview Hotel. The performance fits the theme of the fest which is to proudly present the excellence in people and products Tzaneen and surrounds has to offer.

3 Weeks away!

Taste of Tzaneen Fest 2015

A showcase of Tzaneen, our Tropical Paradise !

The Taste of Tzaneen Fest aspires to offer something for everyone , and YOU ARE INVITED!

This year’s event will again be held at Fairview Hotel in Tzaneen  on 20th and 21st  November, and organised accordingly in association with the very capable Tzaneen Info Team.

The event promise to offer an assemblage of only the finest quality exhibits and activities , focussing on what the Tzaneen area has on offer.

Fairview Wine club presents

Taste of Tzaneen fest

Come and experience a true blend of the finer tastes of life on the 20th and 21st of November 2015 at Fairview Hotel, where our Chefs, Wine connoisseurs & hosts will treat all of our VIP Meander guests to an exquisite pairing of fine food, good wine and great company. On these two days, a few handpicked wine farms from the Cape will be at the Taste of Tzaneen with a well planned selection of different wines.

Kidz Entertainment

Can you say FUNTAGULAR? 

This year the ever so popular annual Taste of Tzaneen Fest will exceed your highest expectation by having a full program of fun filled entertainment for the young & adventurous. Your young ones will be entertained in two age-appropriate KIDZ ZONES, where they will be under close supervision, giving you the freedom and peace of mind to browse about at leisure! Food stalls will be all around with delicious bites and treats for the kidz. 


Oh, kiddo's do WE have something up our sleeves for YOU!  Oh yes!!!  None other than TJIFF & TJAFF will be @ TASTE OF TZANEEN FEST 2015!  Wherever THESE two show up, kids have a WHALE of a time!  So, where do YOU wanna be on 20/21 NOVEMBER?  @ FAIRVIEW HOTEL for TASTE OF TZANEEN FEST 2015 where TJIFF & TJAFF will be waiting just for YOU!  And guess what?  They come with all sorts of GOODIES!  Don't make them wait!  Be on time and share in the FUN!


WE WILL, WE WILL, ROCK YOU!!!!  Oh yes!  We have an ENTERTAINMENT program second to none, ready to have you humming, laughing and bursting into an expression of spontaneous hilarity!  The young and not so young can look forward to be entertained by TJIFF AND TJAFF, as seen on national TV!!!!  In addition, you will meet Jetlag and Toby, two FURRIES, who are very eager to meet you!  Where is this going to happen?  @ TASTE OF TZANEEN FEST 2015 - FAIRVIEW HOTEL on 20/21 NOVEMBER this year!  Oh wait!  There is a whole lot more!  Our very own LIZELLE will be presenting an exclusive repertoire!  L